Product Description

VOE 11990404 Heavy Machine L90F L90G Size 70mm*140 mm
Steering Boom Bucket Repair Seal Kit Wheel Loader Cylinder VOE1199 0571 VOE11999894 VOE11990158

Product Description

Product name VOE 11990404Seal kits
Model Excavator Wheel Loader
Quality High/Durable
OEM Acceptable
Supply Ability Full in Stock
Customization Logo/Packaging Available 
Applicable Industries Excavator Repair Shops,Construction works, Retail

Key Features:

  1. Advanced Engineering: The VOE11990404 component is a testament to advanced engineering, aligning seamlessly with the unique specifications of various excavators. This ensures precision and elevates the overall functionality of the equipment.

  2. Performance Enhancement: Tailored to enhance excavator performance, this component contributes to streamlined operations, maximizing efficiency and productivity across a range of excavation tasks.

  3. Universal Compatibility: Focused on compatibility, the VOE11990404 seamlessly integrates into a diverse range of excavators, minimizing installation complexities and ensuring a user-friendly experience for equipment operators.

  4. Enduring Reliability: Crafted from robust materials, this component guarantees enduring reliability, capable of withstanding the rigorous conditions often encountered during excavator operations.


1.Versatile usage in various excavator models and types
2.Construction tasks demanding reliable excavator performance
3.Infrastructure development requiring optimal excavator functionality

Technical Specifications:

  • Compatibility: Exclusively engineered for Excavators
  • Advanced Design: Meticulous engineering for enhanced equipment performance
  • Material: Robust construction ensuring enduring equipment reliability
  • Installation: Streamlined integration for user convenience

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Other Excavator  Parts We Can Supply

We could provide all kinds of best quality spare parts for hydraulic breakers and the spare parts as following:
Top Mounted Breaker, Side Mounted Breaker, Box/Silence Breaker, Open Breaker;
Breaker Parts: Main Body, Chisel, Charging Kit, Hoses, Inner And Outer Bush, Piston, Rod Pin, Tool Box, Seal Kit, Through Bolt, Front Head, Diaphragms , etc;
excavator parts: Engine, Hydraulic Pump, Travel Motor, Swing Motor.

Company Profile

HangZhou Xihu (West Lake) Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd

We are specializd in construction machinery parts for excavator and attachments including Hydraulic Hammer,Quick Coupler,Hydraulic Grab,Ripper,Vibrator etc.      And Excavatorparts Engine including Engine,Cylinder,Cylinder Head,Step Motor,
Liner,Piston,Snap Ring,Gasket Kit,Fuel Pump,Valve guide,Common Rail, Crankshaft,Alternator,Turbocharger,Water Pump etc.After 12 years developments, Xihu (West Lake) Machinery factory make quality parts with it’s advance technology and advance machines.Excavator Engine suitable for: CUMMINS,KOMATSU,ISUZU MITSUBISHI,KUTOBA,YANMAR,VOLVO,CATERPILLAR,HINO,DOOSAN and so on.We are a global agent for the CHINAMFG brand ,ensure that all items received are genuine.We can offer factory prices for original products.In order to meet different customers’ needs,Xihu (West Lake) Machinery also purchases Genuine Parts from German,Japan,Korea. And,we established a long-term business relationship with customers from all over the world,like:USAm,Mexico,SaudiArabia,Kenya,Algeria, UAE,Russia,Morocco etc.In 2571,Xihu (West Lake) Machinery became Distributors of easywork engineering machinery(SANY Group)in Russia and indonesia.Xihu (West Lake) Machinery is continuously seeking the chances to meet all the friends both from home and abroad for CHINAMFG cooperation. And, we believe that quality parts will take us to a further place. Let’s build a better tomorrow, together!!

Our Advantages

1.More 15 years experience in excavator parts and spare parts supply and services
2.Professional engineering and QC team
3.GRH OEM and with 200 professional employees, efficient working and team spirit
4.More than 100 pcs mechanical and test equipments
5.100% factory testing and inspection personnel in accordance with international standards for the high-frequency sampling,to ensure the quality of products manufactured.


Q1: How do you control your quality?

A1: To guarantee high quality and efficient management, our whole manufacturing processes are under a strict system. We have passed CE and ISO9001 quality management system certificate. All products are 100% inspected before shipment.


Q2: How do we know exactly what you can provide the OEM product we need?

A2: 1. Offer your design documents or let our designer team work out some concepts for choosing.

  2. We will always provide you with a virtual pre-production proof that shows the exact placement of your logo on the product.


Q3: How can I get a sample to check your quality?

A3: After price confirmation, you can require for samples to check our quality.


Q4: Are you sure your product will fit my excavator?

A4: Yes, we are professional about this, you can also tell me your excavator model, and we will check it for you.


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Certification: CE, ISO9001: 2000
Condition: New
Product Name: Voe 11990404
Material: Durable
Size: Standard
Quality: High/100% Tested


boom cylinder

Can boom cylinders be used in both mobile and stationary machinery?

Yes, boom cylinders can be used in both mobile and stationary machinery. Here’s a detailed explanation:

Boom cylinders are versatile hydraulic components that are utilized in various types of machinery across different industries. They can be effectively employed in both mobile and stationary equipment. Here’s how boom cylinders are utilized in each type:

  • Mobile Machinery: Boom cylinders are commonly used in mobile machinery, such as excavators, loaders, cranes, and aerial work platforms. In these applications, boom cylinders enable the movement and control of booms, arms, or attachments. They provide the necessary force to lift, extend, retract, and rotate the equipment’s components, allowing for efficient operation in various work environments. The ability to adjust the stroke length, variable force control, and integration with hydraulic control systems make boom cylinders ideal for mobile machinery, as they enable precise and controlled movement.
  • Stationary Machinery: Boom cylinders are also utilized in stationary machinery, including industrial presses, material handling equipment, and hydraulic presses. In these applications, boom cylinders are used to exert force for pressing, pushing, or lifting tasks. They enable controlled and precise movement of the machinery’s components, ensuring accurate positioning and efficient operation. Boom cylinders can be customized to meet the specific requirements of stationary machinery, such as stroke length, force capacity, and mounting options.

The versatility of boom cylinders makes them suitable for a wide range of applications in both mobile and stationary machinery. The design flexibility and adjustability of boom cylinders allow for customization and adaptation to different equipment types and operational needs. Whether it’s mobile machinery that requires agile and precise movement or stationary machinery that demands controlled force application, boom cylinders provide the necessary hydraulic power to achieve efficient and effective operation.

It’s important to note that while boom cylinders can be used in both mobile and stationary machinery, there may be variations in their design, specifications, and mounting methods to suit the specific requirements of each application. Consulting the equipment manufacturer or hydraulic specialists can help ensure the selection and installation of the appropriate boom cylinders for a particular machinery type.

boom cylinder

Can boom cylinders be used in aerial work platforms for boom extension?

Yes, boom cylinders can be used in aerial work platforms for boom extension. Here’s a detailed explanation:

Aerial work platforms, also known as aerial lifts or cherry pickers, are used to provide elevated access for various tasks such as maintenance, construction, and inspection. Boom cylinders play a crucial role in the operation of aerial work platforms by enabling the extension of the boom or arm. Here’s how boom cylinders are used for boom extension in aerial work platforms:

  • Boom Extension: Boom cylinders are responsible for extending and retracting the boom or arm of the aerial work platform. They provide the necessary force and controlled movement to extend the boom to the desired height or reach and retract it when required. The cylinders allow for smooth and precise extension, ensuring safe and efficient access to elevated work areas.
  • Telescopic Boom Design: Many aerial work platforms feature telescopic booms that consist of multiple sections that can be extended or retracted. Boom cylinders are utilized to extend and retract these sections, allowing the platform to reach greater heights or reach out over obstacles. The cylinders facilitate synchronized movement of the boom sections, ensuring stability and control during extension.
  • Operator Control: Boom cylinders in aerial work platforms are controlled by the platform operator. The operator uses hydraulic controls to extend or retract the boom, adjusting the platform’s height or reach as needed. The smooth and responsive movement provided by the cylinders allows precise positioning of the platform, enabling safe and accurate completion of tasks at elevated locations.
  • Stability and Safety: Boom cylinders contribute to the stability and safety of aerial work platforms during boom extension. The cylinders are designed to handle the loads and forces encountered during operation, ensuring that the boom remains stable and secure at various extension lengths. This stability minimizes the risk of tipping or instability, providing a safe working environment for the operators.

The use of boom cylinders in aerial work platforms for boom extension offers several benefits:

  • Enhanced Reach: Boom cylinders enable aerial work platforms to reach greater heights or extend over obstacles, expanding the range of work that can be performed.
  • Flexible Positioning: The controlled movement provided by boom cylinders allows precise positioning of the platform, enabling operators to access specific areas or work at different heights with ease.
  • Safe Operation: Boom cylinders contribute to the stability and safety of aerial work platforms during boom extension, reducing the risk of accidents or instability.
  • Efficient Work: The smooth and controlled extension facilitated by boom cylinders enhances productivity and efficiency in completing tasks at elevated locations.

Overall, boom cylinders are essential components in aerial work platforms for boom extension. They enable the extension and retraction of the boom, provide operator control, ensure stability and safety, and enhance the reach and flexibility of the platform. These features make boom cylinders integral to the safe and efficient operation of aerial work platforms.

It’s important to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and recommendations regarding the installation, operation, and maintenance of boom cylinders in aerial work platforms to ensure their proper functioning and optimal safety.

boom cylinder

What are the key components and features of a boom cylinder?

A boom cylinder consists of several key components and features that enable its functionality and performance in heavy machinery. Here’s a detailed explanation:

  • Cylinder Barrel: The cylinder barrel is the main body of the boom cylinder, typically made of high-strength steel. It houses the piston, seals, and other internal components. The cylinder barrel is designed to withstand high pressure and provide structural integrity to the cylinder.
  • Piston: The piston is a cylindrical component that moves back and forth inside the cylinder barrel. It is usually made of durable materials and acts as a barrier between the two chambers of the cylinder. The piston divides the cylinder into a rod side and a cap side, allowing hydraulic fluid to act on one side or the other to create the desired motion.
  • Rod: The rod is a solid metal shaft attached to the piston and extending outside the cylinder barrel. It transmits the force generated by the hydraulic fluid to the boom or other connected components. The rod is designed to withstand tensile and compressive forces and is often coated or treated to resist corrosion and wear.
  • Seals: Seals are essential components that prevent hydraulic fluid leakage and maintain the integrity of the cylinder. They are positioned between the piston, rod, and cylinder barrel to create a tight seal. Common types of seals used in boom cylinders include piston seals, rod seals, and wiper seals.
  • Ports and Fittings: Boom cylinders have ports and fittings that allow the connection of hydraulic hoses or pipes to supply hydraulic fluid. These ports enable the controlled flow of hydraulic fluid into and out of the cylinder, creating the necessary pressure for boom movement.
  • Mounting Brackets: Mounting brackets are used to attach the boom cylinder to the heavy machinery’s frame or structure. They provide stability and support, ensuring proper alignment and secure installation of the cylinder.
  • Internal Cushions: Some boom cylinders feature internal cushions or shock absorbers. These cushions help dampen the impact and reduce vibrations during the extension or retraction of the boom. Internal cushions improve the smoothness of boom movement, enhance operator comfort, and reduce stress on the cylinder and other components.
  • Corrosion Protection: Boom cylinders are often coated or treated with corrosion-resistant materials to withstand harsh environmental conditions. These protective measures help extend the cylinder’s lifespan and maintain its performance over time.
  • Load Capacity and Pressure Rating: Boom cylinders are designed with specific load capacities and pressure ratings to handle the heavy loads and pressures involved in heavy machinery operations. The load capacity and pressure rating determine the cylinder’s strength and suitability for different applications.

In summary, the key components and features of a boom cylinder include the cylinder barrel, piston, rod, seals, ports and fittings, mounting brackets, internal cushions, corrosion protection, load capacity, and pressure rating. These components and features work together to enable the controlled extension, retraction, lifting, and lowering of the boom in heavy machinery, ensuring efficient and reliable operation.

China OEM Voe 11990404 Heavy Machine L90f L90g Size 70mm*140 mm Steering Boom Bucket Repair Seal Kit Wheel Loader Cylinder Voe11990396 Voe11999894 Voe11990158   vacuum pump acChina OEM Voe 11990404 Heavy Machine L90f L90g Size 70mm*140 mm Steering Boom Bucket Repair Seal Kit Wheel Loader Cylinder Voe11990396 Voe11999894 Voe11990158   vacuum pump ac
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